Property Maintenance

We all need to be sure we are maintaining our grass/weeds and vegetation on properties in the township, so please keep your grass cut.

Trash & Junk
Accumulation of trash, junk, or bulky waste items are not to be accumulated on any property within the township. Please make sure you are keeping your yards free of junk and debris and y our home maintained.

Swimming Pools
Permits are needed to install swimming pools; Building/Zoning applications are available at the township building or online on our website. Swimming pools must be maintained and kept free of stagnant water. Pools must be enclosed by a fence, wall or other substantial barrier no less than 4-feet high, with a self-closing, self-latching gate and of such a character as reasonable to prevent access to the pool.

Pet Owners
When walking your pets, please be sure to pick up your pets droppings. Owners are required to pick up after their pets and dispose of these items in a sanitary manner. Please be respectful towards your neighbors. Animals must be kept under control of their owner(s) and are not permitted to run at large.

Property Owners
Occupancy inspections are required to be conducted by Canton Township each time a home is rented or sold. Building permits are required for all new construction under the Pennsylvania Construction Code.

Rental Property Owners
Tenant reporting forms are to be completed for all rental properties.